RFID - the true SCAM you probably don't know about

RFID protection is a greater scam than the risk of being a victim of "RFID theft".

Sellers of RFID protective wallets are scamming customers into buying something they don't need.

NY Times Wire Cutter summarized it this way:

We weren’t able to find any credible reports of actual, real-world RFID identity or credit card theft. It may be happening—it would be very hard to precisely identify if it were—but it’s certainly not widespread. It makes for a nifty demonstration by a hacker, but as Snopes notes, in 2010 the Identity Theft Resource Center had never seen a case—and it still doesn’t recommend RFID protection.

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Read my full article about "The TRUTH about RFID Wallets" and share this information and break the silence on this scam!

Here is a cheap FREE HACK to protect your cards and wallet;

Wrap your card or wallet in a thick sheet of Aluminum foil. It works as well as most RFID protectors on the market and it’s why I made this video back in 2011!

RFID Proof your wallet - Simple HACK


Tekzilla - did a deeper test of this and proved the same thing - You DO NOT NEED expensive RFID protection!

RFID Wallets vs. Aluminum Foil

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