Artist Collective on hold

In 2013 when I launched "Artist Collective" it was one of my greatest moments of brining my company full circle to supporting Artists as I was myself a struggling Artist when starting Dynomighty.

But unfortunately due to numerous issues with the custom built site I had to close down all the print on demand channels like Artist Collective, Exclusives and Custom Mighty Wallets at the beginning of 2018. As the Artist Collective is on hold I had to move the website to the Shopify platform. The old site is still saved - it's just not online but all of the data is saved.

During past few years the challenges in my personal life had also mounted and I had posted this video to update everyone on what was really happening behind the scenes. Right now I'm just trying to get through each month and feel strongly that we can turn this around.

There is more detail in this blog post about the Artist Collective.

In the meanwhile your support of my brand with our pre-printed core Mighty Wallets and other products is HUGE to help turn things around.

Best regards,