Custom Wallet layout and design services

There are tutorials on the product page with video links to help with technical issues which we try to make available to solve any technical issues.

We can't provide Free design services as it's very time consuming to go through the design process with edits and revisions. We do offer many edits and retouches of your design and photos for each individual order without having to request them. Example if we can find a higher res image of something you're trying to print we will find that and edit your design with the higher res picture.

If there are obvious image flaws, stains, tears in old photos, or any other apparent anomalies in the design we will work to remove and alter them. One example is a design submitted that had circular logos without cropping around the logo itself. If and when possible and not too time consuming we can make these edits to alter the final design to be more suitable.

Custom Mighty Wallet Layout Before Retouching and Editing copy.png

If you want to pay an additional design fee of $100 we can have a designer do the layout for you and you can send your pictures to us directly via email at

Thanks for your interest in our custom printed Tyvek Wallets.

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