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One alternative to use to make your Custom Mighty Wallet is "Spark" by Adobe.

You can login and create an account then choose the "CUSTOM" setting. You can use the custom setting to make the size 2400 pixels by 979 pixels and then do your layout with this system. It can automatically crop and customize your photos to fit perfectly on a Mighty Wallet.

Spark CUSTOM interface option settings
This will create the perfect dimensions for your custom wallet.

Custom layout with Spark by Adobe

Keep in mind that the credit card pocket is printed with the same image you use on the inside of the wallet. Also remember to keep some room for the Mighty Wallet Logo on the lower right of the inside. We will add this when printing.


After you use the interface to design your layout for your Outside and Inside design you can export it and email your design to

You will have to purchase a blank Custom Mighty Wallet with the inside cash pocket color you want and add a note to the order that you are emailing your designs to us.

Any other questions or issue just chat or email us!

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