Refunds are available for damaged or defective merchandise that are received as such.

We do not offer refunds for anyone using their wallet in the "dare-to-tear" challenge. The challenge is to tear the cards inside the wallet and we do not encourage anyone to attempt to tear or ask their friends to tear their wallets that's what the insert cards are for.

Refunds are not available for custom printed wallets.

The preview of your design is considered to be the best possible rendering of the quality to be expected but there can be changes due to the ink mixing in the actual print. We do our best to ensure an excellent print quality with each custom print.

Reprints are available for printing issues like spots, scratches or other printing process imperfections. Please notify us through the customer service email and send a picture of the issue you have. 

Reprints are also available if we printed on the wrong "cash pocket color" from the custom printing dropdown selector.

Please note: Due to incidents of fraud there are no refunds on shipments until the package has been returned to our office or after 45 days after shipment. International Shipping after 60 days after shipment and shipping costs are non-refundable.