International Economy Letter

This service allows many international customers a cheaper shipping alternative but DOES HAVE RESTRICTIONS, RISKS and LIMITATIONS. Your order will be shipped as a First Class International Letter.

By choosing this service you are agreeing to the following terms;

1 - This shipping does not come with tracking of your order
2 - This shipping is restricted to orders of 1 Mighty Wallet ONLY (Restricted by weight less than 1 oz)*
3 - This shipping option is non-refundable if the letter is lost unless the letter is returned to us then a full refund will be issued.

*Also applies to orders of mini Mighty Wallets and business card holders as long as the total weight does not exceed 1 oz. Does NOT apply to orders of stash bags since they have zippers that protrude in the envelope. If you add coin bags they will be removed from your order and refunded as they can't fit in the envelope.

This service is typically 5-10 business days (faster than International Packages with tracking). This service is not available for Custom Printed Mighty Wallets, Custom mini Mighty or Custom Billfold prints.

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