International Economy Letter

This service allows many international customers a cheaper shipping alternative but DOES HAVE RESTRICTIONS, RISKS and LIMITATIONS. Your order will be shipped as a First Class International Letter.

By choosing this service you are agreeing to the following terms;

1 - This shipping does not come with tracking of your order

2 - This shipping is restricted to orders of 2 Mighty Wallets or less (in weight less than 1.4 oz)*

3 - This shipping option is non-refundable if the letter is lost unless the letter is returned to us then a full refund will be issued.

*Also applies to orders of mini Mighty Wallets and business card holders as long as the total weight does not exceed 1.4 oz

This service is typically 5-10 business days (faster than International Packages with tracking). This service is not available for Custom Printed Mighty Wallets, Custom mini Mighty or Custom Billfold prints.