Pre-Shipment delay

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This is very frustrating I'm sorry for the delay.

Has it been under a week of your order?

If so and the package is still saying in "PRE-SHIPMENT" it means it might not have made it from our office to the post-office. This is rare but does happen if the postal carrier loses the item on the way to the post office. If the status does not change in a couple days we can send you a new replacement order.

Please confirm back if the item arrives in a couple days or not. Email us at


Has it been over a week since your order?

Unfortunately in your case this is taking too long and perhaps is more likely a lost package. I'll create a new order with a new tracking number after you notify me - Email us at

You will see the new order confirmation and tracking info when I process the order.

I hope this resolves the problem.

Best regards,

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